How to Buy Your First Cryptocurrency Coin

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Buying your first cryptocurrency is very exciting stuff.  It feels like the first days of the internet, or email, or finding out your having a baby!  OK, coming back to reality.  

To buy your first crypto, the first step is doing research.  Read everything you can on cryptocurrency.  

Some helpful places to start is here (link articles): What is Cryptocurrency?  & choose 3 other articles on cryptocurrency on here (or external).  Reddit thread crypto currency has some very good information with actual adopters of crypto; it’s chock full of information but take caution as these are people’s opinions and not actual facts.   

Step 2: Discover what coin you want to buy and why.  

Some helpful points to help you figure out what coin you want to buy & why?Do you want to use this as actual currency (to buy and sell items < link what stores accept bitcoin.)  Are you a business that wants to accept crypto as a form of payment (<link article on this here).  Are you someone who believes in the underlying technology usecase of one particluar coin?  

Are you an investor who wants to buy and hold coin(s) to try and become a crypto millionare?  

Step 3: Open an exchange account.  Creating a new email to do this would be the safest way.

Step 4: Get authorized by the exchange and wait it out.

Step 5: While you’re waiting, find a wallet.  Do research what coins can be stored on which wallet.

Step 6: When the exchange account opens and you have a wallet ready, have fun buying!  

(If you’re a super risk taker and want to jump in the world of ICOs, check out our ICO calendar here. <Click link to ICO calendar.)