What Are The Transactional Benefits of Bitcoin And Other Cryptos?

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Unlike cash & credit cards, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies – which means they are digitally encrypted.  There is currently no transaction process in existence that is more secure than cryptocurrency.

Transactional Benefits of Cryptos include:

-There are no “middle men”, which means there are costs associated with middle men.  such as brokers, lawyers or banks, who inevitably raise the costs of transactions.  (Note: That’s not to say there aren’t transaction fees.)

-Which leads is to our next point, transaction fees.  Exchanges such as Coinbase charge transaction fees when transferring money to a bitcoin address.  Or, for example, with Ethereum transactions, you pay a Gas Price, in Gwei, which is a transaction charge that goes to the miner doing the transaction.

-Anyone, anywhere can use it.  No banks near by?  No problem, all you need is a wifi connection and a smart phone.  Travel much and worried about exchange rates?  No problem.  No exchange rates here.

-You own all of your money and the bank it’s housed in, your wallet.  There is no third parties needed in owning or banking your cryptos.